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Broadoak Alabaster - October 2012

Installed: April 2013

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Designer's Tips

When an island is intended to be used as the main food preparation area it is not practical to walk to and from the main sink. Therefore having a seperate small sink to wash vegatables in can be very handy.


With a large kitchen it is important to bring in as many features as possible to prevent a monotonous run of cupboards. Curved units, glass dressers and granite shelves are just some ideas that we incorporated into this design.

Kitchen Specification





Sink & Taps:

Broadoak Alabaster

Granite - Star Galaxy

Timber - Oak


LeMans Corner Pull-out, LED Lighting, Pop-up socket, Waste Disposal Unit

Franke PKX160 34-18 & RUK110 Sinks, Franke Rolux Tap, Franke Corinthian Filter Tap

Design Brief


Coming soon.