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Designers Tips

Less is sometimes more. Not filling all of the available walls with units creates the feeling of space.

Kitchen Specification





Sink & Taps:


Milbounre Almond



Le-mans pull out, LED lighting, glass splashback



Milbourne Almond - November 2013

Design Brief


The previous kitchen had an awkward 'J' design which exaggerated the long, narrow shape of the room. Our brief was to make the kitchen feel lighter and brighter with space for a seating area. We re-configured the kitchen layout to form an 'L' shape which created a large central floor space. Leaving the sink in its natural position under the window left one long wall for the cooking area. A serious baker, the customer required a large oven capacity with multifunction options. To meet these needs a large single Slide&Hide oven and a combination oven and microwave were chosen. These were complemented by an induction hob to provide the customer with a modern set of appliances capable of coping with the demands set. It was decided that the seating area would take the form of a freestanding table and chairs; however we still had to 'design' them into the room. A large dresser feature was fitted in this area with a worktop to match the units, separating it from the main kitchen. The Milbourne Almond doors were chosen as the main colour in the room, due to their light finish. Slightly warmer tones on the floor and worktops offer a contrast but maintain the bright theme.

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