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Milbourne In-frame Ivory

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Sink & Taps:

Milbourne In-frame Ivory

Compac Quartz - Azabache


LED lighting, LeMans Corner Pull-out, Base Pull-out, Glass splashback

Franke Kubus Sinks in Onyx & Franke Olympus Tap


Stipple Polished Light Grey Porcelain Tiles

This long, narrow kitchen was dated and failing to make the best use of its potential. A redesigned layout improved both the amount and accessibility of storage, thanks to clever pull-outs and specially made cabinets. Existing base and wall cupboards were not being utilised on the left hand wall due to a large step and supporting pillar. A bespoke larder cupboard covered the pillar and reduced depth cabinets were designed to conceal this awkward area completely. Although the worksurface area was not increased substantially, it was re-distributed to  the areas around the sink and hob where it was most needed. Not blessed by natural light, the room needed a lift so LED ceiling, cabinet and plinth lighting was installed on different circuits allowing the customer to tailor the colour temperature as required.. A large breakfast bar created seating for five people and allowed the clients to hold social and family events in the kitchen for the first time. The wall mounted TV typifies the flexibility of a modern kitchen that needs to provide more than just a space to cook.

Designer's Tip

When planning eye level ovens, talk to your designer about adjusting the vertical position to a comfortable height for you. It is a common misconception that they have to be set at a certain height.

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