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1909 is a beautiful in-frame painted kitchen with a timeless quintessentially British feel. Designed in Britain, this beautiful collection of painted kitchen furniture introduces a classic aesthetic while meeting the demands of twenty-first-century living. That's why 1909 adapts flexibly to any style of home.

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1909 Kitchens

At its core, 1909 has three definitive appearances: the perennially classic Shaker, an Ovolo Shaker and a contemporary Slab, all built within a traditional in-frame construction. These door styles work equally well on their own or combined to create a style unique to you. 

A choice of styles

SHAKER_1909_PUTTY_Shot 21_0017_EDIT.jpg
SHAKER_1909_Shot 12_0030.jpg

Shaker Kitchens

This kitchen is designed to work hard, whether for cooking, entertaining, or just enjoying a relaxing drink. Shown here in Storm Blue and Putty this design optimises space perfectly; practical storage, attractive feature cabinetry and an exposed peninsular enhances the openness of the room.

OVOLO_1909_SSD_Shot 12_0065.jpg

Ovolo Kitchens

Ovolo; where intricate frame detailing meets a classic Shaker, offering an elegant twist on this timeless style. The overall aesthetic of this kitchen combines wall panelling, moulded cornice and a herringbone timber floor with a colour scheme of soft and deep greys, inspired by a 19th Century colour palette. Alternatively, three very different natural shades of Truffle, Cashmere and Porcelain work beautifully together to create an endearing, earthy palette.

OVOLO_1909_SSD_Shot 21_0032.jpg

Slab Kitchens

The simple form of the Slab door allows for flowing and elaborate layouts, even on a relatively modest footprint. On-trend Graphite working areas contrast beautifully with the fun retro Dry Rose island to mix a pared back industrial look with echoes of a vintage interior. Alternatively the lighter, neutral, softer tones of Cadet blue create a traditional look, with a touch of modern glamour.

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